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Natural cosmetics

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100% Organic products

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 Life Style '99

June 4 2015

Sydella. Repulsive insect essential oils mixture

Today I’m talking about essential oils, also because of  confusion that people  commonly have about, but the informations I am going to provide are obtained from the website of a company I have already spoken about several times and  I completely trust.

"God in his infinite goodness and generosity has given to man thanks to the plants almost all food, clothing and medicines." Herbal - Gerarde (1636)

Essential oils: what they are and how they work.
The essential oils consist of numerous active ingredients that act synergistically and effectively to be useful in many contexts of everyday life.
They have cleansing, energizing and balancing power, but it is necessary, indeed essential, that you use them well,  with the right precautions and increase prudence in delicate periods of life such as pregnancy and lactation, as well as with children.
Aromatherapy has no side effects if properly used and following the advices of your doctor, pharmacist, or naturopath.
As a general rule (however, I’m going to introduce an exception), the essential oils are not to be used pure but usually diluted in vegetable oils, in very small doses (using by drops), avoiding use for the mucous membranes or the eyes.
If used incorrectly they can cause irritation, in which case you need to rinse well with the help of tablets soaked in vegetable oil.
  • in the diffuser with the candle diluted in water or in the humidifier, as well as in the tank of the radiator diluted in water
  • in the bath by adding salt to dissolve better essential oils
  • in the sauna or hammam
  • in the tank of the washing machine to perfume and disinfect linen
  • a few drops on your pillow to relax and rest better
  • of tissues or cotton wool to scent drawers and wardrobes
  • a few drops on your wrists to relax the tension or under the nostrils to breathe properly
  • to do fumigations, tablets and packs, mouthwash and gargle
  • to flavor food

In this regard, today I present an essential oil that has significantly simplified my recent holiday, given that the climate of our southern (and these days also the north, due to the high temperatures) already allows a wide proliferation of bloodthirsty flying beasts whose main purpose is to ruin our summers: mosquitoes.
I then used the mixture repulsive insect Sydella, made with lemongrass, lavender, geranium, eucalyptus lemonade.
I think you all know how these plants can be insect repellent ... who among us has not bought repellent citronella?
Well, the difference with the common sprays, creams, lotions, coils, plates and company is that this product is 100% natural and made up of 100% pure essential oils
So? So we will not put on the skin, nor inhale the common toxic substances that are found in the vast majority of products on the market.
Not only ... it is not only able to repel the flying and buzzing beasts , but it can also calm in a very short time the sting of insect bites (where you will have not previously applied the product of course) ... I had to make experience about it in my person, when I went out in the evening without first protecting me.
I’m presenting  it ... the product is contained in a brown glass bottle (to protect it from light and heat) containing 30 ml ... believe me, it is more than enough, because you only need a few drops so it will last you a very very long time.
The smell is very intense, especially as we open the bottle, but it is not annoying (for us humans, I mean, for the flying bloodsuckers yes) because in a few minutes it becomes a pleasant and persistent aroma .
In this period, in which we still have not seen blacks clouds made of  mosquitoes and sandflies, it was enough put a few drops on my baby’s pajamas (well ... even on my own) so that he will remain protected all the night long.
However for the most critical periods, in which we will need an intensive anti-insects action, I advice to apply on the skin, with the help of a good vegetable oil to facilitate its application (I used Sydella Argan Oil, look at my review HERE)
A tip for a special use? A few drops on the collar of Molly, my border collie, to prevent the bite of terrible insects that cause terrible and deadly diseases such as leishmania.

Beg your pardon for my english…

Club delle bellezze

OLIO ANTI-MACCHIE (anti-dark spot oil)


As you know, I have marks on my legs due to the squeezing of ingrown hairs, so I wanted to try products that attenuassero them to me. Already from this site, I had tried another regenerating oil stains and scars, which to be honest has worked. Within a short time the spots were lightened a bit. But, I, hard-headed I wanted to accelerate a little time and I took other products including this oil.

First has a delicate Lavender scent, bearable by everyone as it is almost odorless.

As regards effectiveness, is SUPER effective, like all branded products sydella,

I have 3 oils, then alternate them.

So a day use that stains, another day that the rose mosqueta and yet another that regenerating

                  20150427_165827                               20150525_132136

The Rose  mosqueta oil is nearly odorless, is very delicate and can be used after waxing to moisturize the skin.

It’s a great oil.

All three oils emulsiono them with lemon essential oil to make more effective the work.


It has a delicious smell, whenever I apply my mom goes crazy for the scent that leaves throughout the bathroom.

I am very satisfied with the results I’m having, though I had no doubts. Now I know the seriousness of this company and of those working. the products are all natural, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or contraindication, I speak from personal experience. I have always bought cosmetics in pharmacies, without realizing that even pharmaceutical products contain crap, and I found myself very often to deal with allergies or stuff varies. Thanks to these products I have found my inner peace and outer that since I no longer have to worry if something can hurt me or not, because whatever is natural stuff.


I wanted to try this gel. I use with the clarisonic.

To some product on the brush and wash the face. The lavender scent, but it is a bearable smell as very delicate and, being a gel is great for my skin.

Girls I never found it well with a company or a eshop online, as I found with Sydella.

I love all of them, buying, chat, … is an extreme reliability. I recommend it strongly. There are many products for all problems. But the nice thing is that thanks to them you can solve almost all your problems, as has happened to me.

This is my sincerest opinion, don’t get paid or forced to speak well, but if I do it is because they deserve it.

Go on their website, look at the products. YOU’LL BE ENCHANTED





It's a cleansing balm that has an immediate effect. All we suffer or have suffered from pimples. I now no longer in adolescence, but despite this critical times some pimple me tick. Just put a little product on the pimple and in a matter of hours the pimple is dried. Girls, is a product that works wonders !! How many tears I shed a teenager because my face was covered with pimples and punticci. If I had found out earlier this wonderful company I would definitely less scars on my face. I am very happy, satisfied with this company. I can only speak well. So far no product has disappointed me indeed, there are many in my skincare products that they have purchased and will continue to buy. Soon I'll talk about other products of this brand.

Kiss, Arianna




The product is contained in a vial of 30 ml. It does not contain alcohol or preservatives. It ‘s a product certificate VeganOk.
The smell does not make me mad, but its function is extraordinary. Passing too many hours at the computer my eyes turn red and tired. Just a splash for each eye and  the eyes come back refreshed and rested.
I like it very much.

Price:6 euro



Purifying Facial Lotion


 It ‘s a very valuable product. I use it every night after my make-up. My combination skin finds benefits. The skin is clean, the pores are not dilated.

Also this product as all their products is certified VeganOK.

Its function is similar to that of the tonic. In fact I just use instead of tonic].

Price 10 euro



Orange and cinnamon essential oils mixture


My favorite scent is orange and cinnamon. A fragrance suitable for this season. Very strong is the smell of orange.
The product is present in a glass vial of 30 ml. Whenever I want to smell my room, to a few drops of product in my perfumer shaped tree.

 I’ll definitely try new fragrances.

Price 10 euro


Kisses, Arianna.


Il mio magico mondo

 Hi girls!

Do you remeber the company SYDELLA of which I had spoken few weeks ago?

I was kindly offered the opportunity to choose any products from their website for me to try.

Were really nice and helpful.

 The first product that I chose is this nourising, cleansing, regenerating mask with essential oils of lavender and palmarosa.

I tried it and from the first application of it I was in love!
The texture is quite liquid and oily  but not greasy.
The application is really simple. Must be applied and left in place for 20 minutes and then rinsed.

The great thing is that, despite it is a mask, it doesn't dry the skin. I find this thing extremely annoying in traditional masks.
After 20 minutes, rinse and leaves the skin extremely soft, clean and bright.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product because il has made sure that my face doesn't shine for all day.
Plus it has regularized to me the excess sebum.
It really deserves to be tested!!!
Here the link to their website and facebook page.

Hi girls!

I come back here to talk about other two products of Sydella Laboratoire's company.

The first product is called Respigel.
The bottle contains 100 ml of products.

Is presented as a light white cream and contains the essential oil of ravintsara and eucalyptus.

Just open the bottle immediately feels a balsamic scent that I really like..but can't like everyone because is very strong.

Signs behind the bottle say: "use with clutches on the chest, back and under the nose.

Me and my doughter tried it when we felt the need..I have applied it under the nose and my daughter on the chest.
Immediately feels the nose completely free and seems to breathe the cold air in the high mountains.. and I love this!!!

After few minutes the smell fades but allowes you to breathe weel through the night..indeed my daughter passed the night breathing free and serene.

I'm pleasantly surprised with this product and I love it so much!!!
Is great for the cold season, to free the nose and allow us to sleep more serene.

Now we pass to talk about the Hair's oil.
The bottle contains 50 ml of product.

Contains the essential oils of ylang ylang and rosemary..just opened it immediately recognizes the scent of the latter.
The signs advise to apply from 5 to 20 drops and massage in your head to make it penetrate then let it can also apply on the tips ruined.

I tried to use it as indicated but is not a light oil and I found the greasy head as if I had not done shampooing.
The positive things is the scent..strong but really good.

I found an alternative I usei as wrap pre shampooing for 30 minutes..once a week.
After we need two shampoo but I noticed that my hair was shinier.

At the moment is not my ideal product because in this breastfeeding my hormones are unpacked and my skin has became fat.
I reccommend this oil only if you have dry skin and hair.

Kiss Valentina



BLOGGER by chance, always looking for novelty, are available to test all the news on the market by evaluating the final result, if you are a company or a private and want to achieve greater visibility on the web contact me, also collaborate with creative ways to transmit to all the dell'handmade passion !. I write reviews for you artists creations, materials, food companies, skin care, makeup, pharmacy, house cleaning, furniture, objects .


Essential oils and cosmetics
Love for the skin, love for the body, love for the environment !!!

The laboratory SYDELLA is a craft family business located in northern Provence French, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils.
In natural products are not used dyes, preservatives, additives, perfumes, alcohol; contain no animal substances nor tested on animals.

The cosmetic formulation is based on three broad categories of natural raw materials: oil essenz ial aromas incomparable - idrolatti or floral waters - sweet vegetable oils and moisturizers.
The products have all primary properties of high quality in order to bring benefits and revitalizing tonic, to rediscover the beauty of young skin and satin.
Sydella is an ecologist and environmentalist, and does not want to help destroy sq km of forests; In fact, many countries have lost much of their original forests and every day about 350kmq of trees are destroyed worldwide. Therefore they do not have packaging, boxes, packaging, brochures, press releases or information sheets on paper products. In the site you are part Italian translations, descriptions, properties, indications, of all the products and vegetable oils and pure essential (to be printed if you want).
Gentilemnet I was offered some product that I could personally test to give my personal opinion.

I show you what products I've tried

The cleanser is made from lavender floral water (purifying), apricot kernel oil (moisturizer), and essential oils of geranium pink. Suitable for all skin types, fluid, not fat, is used with a cotton swab over the entire surface of the face. To finalize the tonic lotion with lavender or pink.
as you see I have used as the explanations of use with a bit of cotton, the product for me is still too liquid cleans very well face I have removed the foundation with a single pass, the smell is strong enough that I sincerely do not like.
Then I used the essential oils

Essential oils are excellent agents healthy air. They parfum, smell, ionize, and purify the air. Thanks to their spread essential oils penetrate into the body through the skin and nostrils, and act procuring wellbeing and calm depending of the essential oils used.
A blend of essential oils is most often more enjoyable to spread that one oil, this also allows you to spread the essential oils that alone are too strong (eg cinnamon bark)


in the diffuser with the candle twenty drops diluted in water


into the tank of the radiator diluted in water

in the bath forty drops with the addition of salt that dissolves essential oils

in potpourri to scent the dried flowers

in the sauna or hammam

in the tank of the washing machine to perfume and disinfect linen

two drops on your pillow to relax, release tension and rest better

on handkerchiefs or wads of cotton wool to scent drawers and wardrobes

a few drops on the wrists to calm stress and tension

a few drops under the nostrils to breathe and be comfortable

fumigations, tablets and packs, mouthwash and gargle

internal use

flavoring food

a few drops of essential oil mixed in a vegetable oil for the care and massage of the skin of the body (apricot kernel oil, jojoba, argan, macadamia) customizing so 'our personal and unique scent!


Mixture for environments calming, anti-stress, is an excellent addition to relaxing a powerful antiseptic ..
Essential oils of orange, mandarin, bergamot, mandarin and petit grain.

Mix environments, purifies the air and breath.
 Made with essential oils of eucalyptus, pine, lemon, lavender latifolia, hybrid lavender.
I've used it a few drops in the diffuser with the candle and water




Cosmetics & Beauty

Sydella collaboration: Acnestop balm - Purifyng cream with lavander
Acnestop balm is a little solid balm in a handy metal box and should be used in small quantity over the impurities.
The thing that surprise me was the very intense balsamic aroma. Immediately after the application I felt a freshness and relief sensation. The day after I noticed a reduction of redness pimples and within a couple of days it was completely disappeared.
I apply this products in the morning when I stay at home, or before going to bed and one or two applications per day are enough. Another thing surprised me is that unlike other products for localized applications antipimples it doesn't dry the skin around the impurity, and works quickly and exactly over pimples or blemishes.
It requests just a light veil over the impurities. It is completely transparent and leaves a slight oily trace due to oils based formulation that slowly absorbs and completely disappear.
The second product I've tried is the purifying cream with lavender, immediatly I noticed the white color, typical of thick creams, however once I opened it the consistence impressed me very much, it looks like a mixture of yogurt and jelly, applied over the face it is like a fluid gel and this texture is perfect for my skin. It blends perfectly with the skin and is a pleasure to apply. It is fresh and light and it absorbs quickly, unlike other gel produts it doesn't dry the skin and it has an excellent purifying and moisturizing effect. It was a surprise to apply it in the evening, and wake up in the morning without a greasy and shiny skin, but soft, smooth and hydrated face.
This product worked really well in synergy with the balm, after two weeks of frequently use the skin is soft hydrated, absolutely not greasy and pimples are disappeared.
In my opinion I expected to fill much more lavender fragrance instead of “palmarosa” essential oil which I am not a great fan, but fortunately it doesn't persist too much on the skin.
Sincerelly I don't like the container because I prefer the products inside a practical dispenser instead of a jar, where you should be carefull to have clean hands.



Huile action against dark spots

50 ml                                                                                        € 15,00.

Ingredients :

Olio di nocciolo d’albicocca         prunus armenica

Macerazione dI erica                     erica

0E Limone                                      citrus limon

0E Rosmarino                                rosmarinus officinalis

Estratto di rosmarino                    héliantus annus, rosmarinus officinalis

Product 100% natural 

    My opinion: I got some dark spots on my right knee from a bad burn by waxing some months ago. I tried several commercial products to lighten these spots but I have noticed just small improvements. I’vee been using the anti-oil stains Sydella Laboratoire en Provencere for more than a month consistently, every night before going to sleept and my spots are greatly reduced. This product contains all-natural ingredients, such as: – The hazelnut oil apricot from the action elasticity, emollient and protective; the heather with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. – The essential oil of lemon with excellent antiseptic, purifying and lightening properties; – The essential oil of rosemary, with ‘astringent, purifying and toning property. Among the ingredients we also find the rosemary extract , which is especially good for its being healing, antimicrobial, astirigenti and purifying. It has a delicious fragrance, easily applying and it’s easily absorbed. Remember to apply before going to sleep and during the day: besides, it’s better to protect darks spots from sunlight using an anti-UV protecion. As I told you noticed great improvements, and i’m quite sure that if i will continue using this product with consistency my skin will certanly thank me.

    Olio di Ricino- Castor Oil


    original name : huile de ricin

    INCI : ricinnus communis oil

    50 ml                          € 10,00

    My opinion: I think each one of us must have a pack of Castor Oil, it’s’ a very valuable oil which is a good ally of our beauty . It’s a vegetable oil used in cosmetics , very dense to feed the skin, hair dryness and brittle, and to give strength and volume to eyelashes, eyebrows and nails.

    For eyelashes and eyebrows:  The treatment is simple: just apply on the wet eyelashes the product with a brush of an old mascara properly cleaned every night before going to sleep. The first results are immediately visible: the lashes are not only longer, but also more dense.

    Skin: Thanks to its principles it’s considered a natural anti-aging: Since the first applications the skin appears smoother, softer and suppler; It’s a good emollient because it penetrates the skin by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Just dab a swab with a few drops of the product around the eyes and on the rest of the face to get immediately a more hydrated skin and with antifungal effects. And besides it could be useful in case of fungal infections.

    Hair: It ‘a great hair-restructuring dry and brittle. In this case , just distribute it as a compress to wet hair and leave it there for an hour. Used in the summer, adds lengths and prevent moisture loss.

    Nail: It ‘s a great restructuring for nails weakness and in case of nails fragility. To use it, just put a little oil in a small bowl and then dip your fingers. Or you can spread the product directly on the nails, helping with an old enamel brush.

    Final Conclusion: I’ve been using castor oil for reasons listed above for a month and I found out enormous benefits: My eyelashes are more voluminous and robust. The areas of thinning eyebrows are growing back; my skin looks more hydrated and no longer cracking; My hair is softer and shinier; finally my nails do not break anymore . My vote on this product is definitely a perfect 10.

    To buy this product o others products pls visite the Sydella web site:


    page facebook :

    I Thank You Sydella – Laboratory in Provence -  for the opportunity

    TXS for your attention

    Mariafrancesca - Administrator of the blog


    Shower Gel Exotic Ylang Ylang Vetiver   SYDELLA Laboratoire

    IMG_20150327_165116 (1)

    Bottle of 200 ml                                      € 8,00

    That’s my opinion on this product: I really liked a lot this exotic shower gel because of its totally natural formula and its really enveloping fragrance of exotic ylang ylang and vetiver aromas. Those ylang aromas have antiseptic, toning and relaxing effects, while the vetiver has antiseptic, toning and regenerating effects, that make it really effective in normalizing fat skins, even with acne and seborrheic dermatitis. That’s why i really advice using that shower gel to all those who, like me, have pimples on the back, it’s a really good product to fight them.


    page facebook

    Mariafrancesca Administrator of the blog



    Shower Gel CaressShower Gel Caress Ylang Ylang and Jasmin  SYDELLA Laboratoire

    Hey girls! Today I will talk of a product 100% handmade, made only with natural ingredients found in nature: Shower Gel Caress Ylang Ylang and Jasmine by SYDELLA Laboratoire.

    It's a shower gel with a heady and exotic fragance. Thanks to the presence of the essential oil of Ylang Ylang in its formula. This oil is highly prized for its aphrodisiac. How is a shower gel with a very sweet fragrance, is very suitable to the female gender.

    It 'available in 200 ml bottle, very convenient to carry it on the go.

    The Caress Shower Gel is a product formulated with only natural ingredients and therefore does not make a lot of foam. Leaves skin delicately scented, clean and pampered.

    With Shower Gel Caress showering becomes a moment of total relax and pleasure.

    Hey girls, today I will talk of an excellent product of Sydella Laboratoire, the Respi Gel.
    It's a liquid product made entirely from natural ingredients: essential oils of eucalyptus, sea rocket, melaleuca, ravintsara and lavender; idrolatte pine and lavender; apricot kernel oil and rosemary extract.
     A fantastic product, used to help those suffering from bronchitis, asthma and colds.
    The essential oil of eucalyptus is considered particularly effective for colds and breathing problems that affects the bronchi. Oil ravintsara is also known as the oil anti cold; the essential oil of lavender latifolia has sedative and calming; the essential oil of melaleuca is considered a natural anti-viral and oil sea rocket which is a thinner phlegm.
    Gives relief when massaged goes on the neck, chest, back and bronchial. It can also be placed under the nostrils, to improve breathing.
    At my house who used it was my husband, who suffers from chronic bronchitis. He had an incredible relief, immediately after having massaged on the affected areas. The continuous cough that he had reduced and bronchi were finally freed. He found well-being and  alleviation with Respi Gel. 
    It 'a product that can not miss at home!

    Hello girls! I'm here to talk you about an exceptional product of Sydella  Laboratoire: Soothing Oil (Huile apaisante).

    It 'an oil soothing and anti-inflammatory: thanks to its refreshing, soothes inflammation of the joint nature and also helps to lower the fever.
    Its fruity and fresh aroma is naturally soothing and can be used as a remedy for sleep well. It 'an anti-stress naturally and without side effects.

    How I used it:

    - Massage: 2 or 3 drops of oil to massage the temples in case of headache or to promote sleep. On the abdomen to calm the breath, quell anxiety and promote digestion.
    - In the bath: 5 drops of Soothing Oil (Huile apaisante) in a handful of coarse salt to be dissolved in the bath. Combats rheumatic pain, muscle spasms. Very pleasant!

    After a heavy and tiring day, a massage or a relaxing bath with Soothing Oil (Huile apaisante) by Sydella Laboratoire will seem to be reborn.

    Good afternoon ladies! I'm here today to tell you about the essential oils that I had the pleasure of being able to test: eucalyptus essential oil globulus and essential oil of eucalyptus radiata. I speak always of exceptional products of Sydella Laboratoire.

    First I would like to explain a little differences between Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus Radiata.
    The essential oil of eucalyptus globulus is derived from Eucalyptus globulus, a plant of the family Mirtaceae. Known for its many properties, it's useful for colds, headaches, sinusitis and cystitis.

    The essential oil of eucalyptus radiata has strong quality balsamic and expectorant, anti-viral and anti-bacterial, gives support in all situations of respiratory infections (bronchitis, colds, flu, ear infections, sinusitis, tonsillitis). Has properties similar to the globulus, but not containing mono-terpene ketones is more tolerable for children above 6 years old.

    The oil most commonly used for aromatherapy is the globulus because it has a strong smell, similar to camphor. Already on radiata is sweeter.

    The essential oil of eucalyptus in general is used to help you breathe better. Whatever the case, the essential oil of eucalyptus has special powerful germicidal properties.

    At home I used to improve breathing, with the aerosol. To treat colds and sinusitis. Just add a few drops of oil in saline water or warm water and inhale. I fell very well and I felt a great relief.

    You can also gargle to soothe a sore throat. You just need to add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil in the water. Do not swallow! Oral ingestion of five milliliters of eucalyptus globulus could prove lethal.

    Very nice if diluted in massage oils and bath.

    The essential oil of eucalyptus is a powerful adjuvant that can not miss at home.

    Camphor oil by Sydella Laboratoire


    Hello girls! Today I will talk about the Essential Oil of Camphor by Sydella Laboratoire.
    The essential oil of camphor is obtained from Cinnamomum camphora, known for its numerous properties, it carries out a balmy, anti-moth and anti-inflammatory for sore muscles. It's used as a special ingredient in the formulation of many ointments and creams for external use with particular therapeutic activities.
    Properties and application:
    - Stimulating: the circulatory system, it plays a tonic, useful in case of fatigue, low blood pressure, weakness. It's recommended for use by inhalation in the morning, for a boost of energy. It helps to recover in case of fainting or collapse and shock states.
    - Anti-inflammatory: massaged on the painful area helps sprains, bruises, aches and strains. Used before sports prepares the muscles for physical activity and then be an effective fatigue after training and in the presence of sports injuries.
    - Vasoconstrictor: if massaged on the legs, prevents and treats venous problems and circulatory disorders, in case of heavy legs, swelling, edema and lymphatic stagnation and circulatory weakness.
    - Balsamic: in the case of colds, inhalation carries out an effective mucolytic and decongestant on the airways. This essence is shown to help dissolve and eliminate the phlegm in case of colds, sinusitis, cough.
    - Crop protection: its use helps to keep out insects like moths, gnats, flies.
    How to use it: 

    Like balsamic ointment: To facilitate breathing in case of cough or cold you can prepare an ointment from the action mucolytic and decongestant of the respiratory tract. Will be simply mix 5 drops of camphor oil with 50 ml of shea butter and 3 drops of essential oil of eucalyptus. Massage into the bronchi. The camphor is a good mucolytic able to encourage the disappearance of cough. But it must use low doses and keep it away from children. 
    Tonic bath: in the presence of rheumatic disorders, pour 10 drops of essential oil of camphor in the bathtub and stay submerged for about 20 minutes, to make use of its stimulating effect on circulation. Then stand the heat so as not to overly strain the circulatory system. Very relaxing! 
    On the diffuser essences: 1-2 drops are enough.
    The essencial camphor oil is a particularly powerful.

    Another amazing product with countless properties that can not miss at home.

    lunedì 11 maggio 2015

    Oil against contractions by Sydella Laboratoire


    Hello guys! Today I will talk about a very special and phenomenal product by Sydella Laboratoire: Oil against contractions.
    It's a 100% natural product made from Italian Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum), is rare and precious to the exceptional properties it possesses. Considered the most powerful remedy against old and recent hematoma (internal or external), is effective in many cases: sores, scars, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, skin aging, skin disorders, seasonal allergies.

    The oil has an intense fragrance and is used primarily as an anti-inflammatory, it soothes the pain from rheumatism and joint infections, tendonitis, sprains, cramps, contractions, sciatic nerve and is also very useful for athletes.
    Activates blood circulation and protects the skin from the weathering.
    I used it with massages and friction on the parties concerned, after the gym.
    The oil has shown a very high power against hematomas. It's a several times better than the Hirudoid pomade.

    Immediately relieves back pain and muscle aches. In the bath 2-3 drops are enough for an instant relief.

    I recommend that you always have it at home. It's a multi-functional product, much more powerful than the arnica.


    I'm here to introduce you to a very useful  and fantastic product by Sydella Laboratoire: Light Legs Oil.
    It's a product formulated with essential oils of cypress and peppermint to relieve heavy legs and tired.

    The essential oil of cypress is a vasoconstrictor for outdoor use. And is recommended for those who have poor circulation, in case of cellulite, to those suffering from fluid retention, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and fragile capillaries, prevents the formation of swelling and bruising care; and is recommended in cases of rheumatism and joint pains.

    The essential oil of peppermint oil is a multifunctional product that specifically acts as an anti-inflammatory for sprains, muscle pain and rheumatism as it exerts an analgesic and antirheumatic.
    How I used it:

    - 10 drops, shaking the water to emulsify the oil or add to bath salts. Truly rejuvenating.

    - If you prefer a shower, pour 4 or 5 drops on a washcloth wet, possibly diluted in a bit of mild liquid detergent and rub for at least 5 minutes. Reactivates the lymphatic system to help drain excess fluid.

    - For heavy legs or with varices, massaging just 15 drops of oil always from bottom to top. You can mix the oil to a cream of marigold and then gently massage the legs and thighs. You will feel a great relief.
    Now that the hot days begin, also starts the swelling of the legs and feet.
    This oil is excellent and it really works.

    Good evening friends!
    You know that I don't live without my essential oils. They are part of almost of all my cosmetics DIY and use them also for inhalation, therapeutic massages, foot baths, etc..
    Essential oils are very valuable substances, extracted from the so-called aromatic plants, and known since antiquity.
    Capturing the essence of fragrant plants and keep the scent is an activity pursued by man since ancient times. The extraction of aromatic essences is an ancient art, which has engaged the man from time immemorial.
    I speak of an essential oil which was kindly sent by Sydella, a French Laboratory that I work with for some time. Sydella is an artisan family business located in the north of the French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils.
    They are all natural products, which are NOT used dyes, preservatives, additives, perfumes, alcohol; there are no animal substances, nor tested on animals.
    Today especially, I want to introduce you to the essential oil of melaleuca or better known the tea tree oil.
    The Tea tree essential oil is a good antibiotic and antifungal, has a purifying effect on the senses and helps to strengthen the immune system. It's extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, plant species of Australian origin.
    How works the Tea tree essential oil?
    Thanks to the healing properties and disinfectants, the essential oil of tea tree is often used in natural cosmetics for sensitive skin or for treating acne; thanks to its disinfectant power, the essential oil of tea tree is also used for household cleaning and laundry. Has a very intense aroma and maybe not particularly pleasant, it's advisable to mix it with an ointment more delicate, such as rose, lavender, but also lemon. Is good to use it by holding it away from your eyes, mucous membranes and sensitive areas, it is also forbidden to swallow and should be stored out of reach of children.

    To clean the house: add a few drops of tea tree oil to disinfect the laundry, surfaces, the floor ... You can pour a bucket of water to clean the floors, simply by mixing 15 drops of oil with half a cup bicarbonate and 15 drops of essence refreshing.
    For the vaginal infections (Candida): tea tree oil is a most popular natural remedy to soothe the effects of candida, fungal infection of the genital tract (or mouth) that can affect both men and women. You have to add 2 or 3 drops of oil to a vaginal douche.
    Other uses: Ten paid up to 20 drops in a bowl of warm water, or even in a hot bath, can be released and disinfect the respiratory tract. While distributed through radiators, or filter helps clean the air of the house making the environment clean for our lungs.
    Can be used against ulcers, stomatitis and inflammation of the mouth, diluted in water is used by gargling and rinsing. It can be an integral part of products for toothpaste or disinfectants of the oral cavity, and added to the appropriate preparations can combat odors from perspiration.
    A product that can not fail at home. I would say that in the Top 10 of the oils, the Tea Tree Oil is the first in the standings.

    Goodmorning everyone!

    The days are shorter, the summer clothes were hidden inside in the closet, bikini have disappeared! Long-sleeved sweaters, pants, stockings and socks now live in symbiosis with us. Since our body is so covered and bundled up, who thinks to shave ?? !! The winter season is the one where you do not think about hair removal.

    But ... there is a but! Winter is also a good time to exfoliate, and hair removal promotes renewal of the epidermis, avoiding the risk of skin dryness. And then ... let's face it: the hairs are ugly in all seasons of the year!

    Who have sensitive skin or not, always needs to soothe the skin after shaving. And today I present to you a highly effective product of Sydella Laboratoire: The After depilation gel 

    The After depilation gel of Sydella is a product based on essential oils such as lavender and chamomile.
    The lavender essential oil has different therapeutic properties, the most famous are those relaxing, antiseptic, healing and purifying. A few drops of lavender brings relief from cuts, wounds, sores, insect bites, rashes from jellyfish.

    Chamomile is a powerful anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin soothing, especially if very sensitive, dry and red.

    It's a very refreshing gel on the skin that calms redness and possible and annoying itching after depilation.
    The fragrance is very pleasant, fresh and balmy. After depilation, it may happen that in the area that we just shaved red dots appear, symptoms that our skin is irritating and tend to crack. The best thing to do is immediately to put a bit of After Depilation Gel that will refresh and relieve the feeling of itching and burning skin.

    This is a product that enters definitely in my list: Nevermore without!! 
    See you!!
    Goodmorning everyone!!
    I think there isn't a person who doesn't like roses ... I really like.
    The rose is a beautiful flower, and this explains why it was immortalized by poems and legends. Long time ago, the first rose was made to grow by an unknown gardener using a common dog rose about four thousand years ago.
    In ancient times, doctors used the water rose to treat nerve problems, inhalation of incense rose to treat patients suffering from lung problems and gave extracts of rose petals in patients suffering from heart problems and kidney.
    The rose petals contain vitamin C, carotene, vitamins of group B and K which are essential for hemopoiesis. The list of the virtues of the rose is so long that makes it worthy of being considered a natural medicine universal.
    The rose is a small essence of beauty.
    Thinking about the endless virtues of roses Sydella Laboratoire created The Rose Face Cream .
    A nourishing cream indicated for normal and dry skin, formulated with essential oil of musk rose, apricot kernel oil and jojoba oil. A delightful mixture of essential oils of rose geranium, palma-rosa and  sandalwood and I. 

    Its texture is soft and pleasant to touch and is delicately scented.
    Glowing skin naturally moisturised and delicately scented.

    This cream is also suitable for rosacea: a skin lesion with reddish patches resulting from the dilation of capillaries bleeding.

    The cream Rose Sydella is certified VeganOk: guarantee of a 100% natural and safe.

    A cream that I loved, sweet and light. No allergic reactions. I recommend!!

    Sometimes I have some muscle pain or back pain, perhaps because I'm sitting for many time at the computer.
    Who knows me knows that I avoid to take any kind of drugs ... as long as I can stand the pain for not poison me.
    I like natural cures, remedies that mother nature offers us.

    Today I speak of my experience with a natural remedy for rheumatism, Rhuma Gel of Sydella Laboratoire
    Formulated with 4 different essential oils, for an analgesic and immediate effect.
    Here are the oils:
    Turpentine Essential oil -
    The properties of this resin were known at the time of Hippocrates, that the advised for the treatment of numerous diseases. The essential oil is obtained from the raw resin by the method of steam distillation and is obtained a colorless liquid with an intense balsamic scent.
    Antiseptic, expectorant, balsamic, antirheumatic. Turpentine essential oil gives good results to keep out insects and pests, for rheumatic and muscular pain, for bronchitis and for inflammation of the urinary tract.
    Camphor Essential oil -
    The essential oil of camphor is obtained from Cinnamomum camphora. Known for its many properties, it plays a balmy, anti-moth and anti-inflammatory for sore muscles. We have already talked about this oil a few months ago.

    Mint Essential oil- 
    Useful against inflammation, irritation, muscle pain, stiffness, headaches. 
    Wintergreen Essential oil- 

    Is extracted from the leaves and other aerial parts of the plant, for steam distillation.
    The many properties of this plant are anesthetic, carminative, stimulant, galactagogue,  stimulating of the menstrual cycle and antirheumatic.
    A real lesson, is not it? Since I know some properties of the essential oils I can not live without them.
    Rhuma Gel rubs directly on the affected area.
    His balsamic power instantly take away the pain. With regular clutches on rheumatic pain, the inflammation of the painful parts will decrease. The strong smell of camphor combined with mint, open nostrils and to gift us a cool sensation on the skin.
    Before taking drugs for muscle pain, try Rhuma Gel.

    Sleeping next to someone who snores can be really difficult, it doesn't allow us to sleep or rest.
    That annoying noise not only makes us lose many hours of sleep, but also adversely affects our mental and physical health, making us even more stressed during the day.
    My husband snores and sometimes is unbearable. I turn to the right, turn left .. I give him some kicks: no way!!

    We tried a few methods: Nasal strips (which are lost in bed), nasal tires (he says that is annoying) ... drugs? Better not talk about it!! 
    Then something should at least reduce these noises because in addition to making it difficult to rest, is a major cause of fight between couples.
    Thank Sydella Laboratoire we have found the right way: a 100% natural treatment to reduce snoring.
    The product in question is Baume Ronfstop.
    A balm made from essential oil of marjoram, ravintsara, tangerine and eucalyptus.
    Let me introduced the Fantastic Four:
    The essential oil of marjoram, amber and slightly camphor fragrance, antispasmodic, digestive, carminative, sedative, tonic and antirheumatic. 
    The essential oil of Ravintsara is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, immunostimulant, lipolytic, balsamic.

    The essential oil of Mandarin, relaxing and sedative.
    The essential oil of Eucalyptus is a decongestant, attenuates and soothes the irritation of the nasal membranes. 

    Four oils really powerful when it comes to ease breathing during sleep.
    The balm is applied with little touches on the skin, under the nostrils, along the larynx and with a light and quick massage on the solar plexus (below the diaphragm).
    Use the product regularly every night before going to sleep for 15 days. Continue using a skipping  one night for week. After the first week, skipping two nights. After the second week, skipping three nights and so on.
    We can say that it's a product that has amazed us. We didn't imagine that so much would reduce snoring.

    My husband still snores, but much less than before. When he gets too tired, before falling asleep we use it as prevention.
    Who snores and he does every night, gets up tired, but that's not all: often manifested headache, physical discomfort, irritability, stress, increased blood pressure.

                         I  love you even if you snore! <3 

    See you!!  Deborah


    Hello to all my dear readers!
    This weekend I had the opportunity to try the products kindly sent by laboratories Sydella directly from the magnificent French Provence.
    Among a wide range of natural products have chosen for me 3 of these

    A tanning oil to the carrot, that I will have to try (hopefully) soon.
    Macadamia oil is suitable for combination skin.
    and a shampoo for dark hair.
    I blindly entrusted to this company for its excellent presentation, Laboratory SYDELLA is a craft family business located in the north of the French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils.
    In their natural products are not used dyes, preservatives, additives, perfumes, alcohol; there are no animal substances, nor are tested on animals.

    I used Macadamia oil on the face, it is suitable for combination skin, my is actually very dry but applying this oil once a day I got excellent results. The skin is now very smooth and is no longer cracked on the nose.
    Macadamia oil is also a benefactor for the hair, in fact I used a few drops of oil on the tips of my hair after washing the hair.
    Obviously I washed my long hair with Shampoo for dark hair Sydella
    The combination of these two natural products has brought a great result on my hair.
    Since I have very long hair, wavy I always try to treat them better and to choose excellent products, Sydella has met my needs.
    Besides the excellent quality of the products also their scent is inviting !! :)

    I invite all of you to visit the site Sydella Italy where you can see all their products.
    And to their Facebook page
    If you liked my article commented.
    See you next time.


    The idea behind this beauty feature in Cosebelle Magazine is really simple: we love natural products, but no need of diktats, we haven’t universal truth on natural skin care. Natural beauty products are good given that they work for us.

    We first met Sydella not long ago talking about their lavender skincare range, a successful combination of natural ingredients and inebriating perfumes made in Provence, France. Sydella is born as a family run artisan business that makes cruelty free products using pure and certified ingredients, without using colorants, preservatives, additives and alcool. No frills for Sydella, just efficient products, simple packaging and supervised ingredients.

    After testing the Lavender skincare range, as mentioned before, it’s now time to talk about our body introducing some real natural products in our shower and body care routine.


    We tested two shower gels, but let’s start with the Provence Shower one with lavender and rosemary, core fragrances (and essential oils, too) of the Sydella production. Of course they are, have you seen how beautiful is lavender in Provence? The perfume of this shower gel is absolutely gorgeous, it’s like diving in a lavender field while showering. No dry skin at all after using it, its cleansing action is gentle because it respects our skin and its needs.

    Shower Gel alla lavanda

    The second shower gel is called Exotic because of the essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang and it’s perfect if you like strong scents with an oriental twist. Maybe on a first “date” its sharp scent can leave you a bit baffled, but it “gets on well” with your skin after the shower without being intrusive.

    Showe gel esotico

    But our favourite Sydella product ever is the Exotic Vervain Gel, a gentle body moisturizer with Exotic vervain essential oil and a “delight” of lemon, lemon candies i would say. This gel is formulated also with apricot kernel oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil and it’s perfect after every summery shower. Sydella team says that this is a calming body lotion, but it really depends on your taste. Someone can find it really energetic and energizing (it’s the lemon effect!). No need to wait until the skin absorbs it, just few minutes for a rapid hydration with a touch of gorgeous lemon scent.

    latte corpo alla verbena

    latte corpo alla verbena

    Alessia Ragno


    My fab fashion blog

     Hello girls! 
    Today I'm going to tell you more about my cooperation with the brand Sydella (for the website click HERE! - for the Facebook page - click HERE!).
    The laboratory Sydella is an artisan family business located in the north of the French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils. In their natural products, they are not used colorants, preservatives, additives, perfumes and alcohol, contain no animal substances nor tested on animals. The cosmetic formulation is based on three broad categories of natural raw materials: essential oils aromas incomparable - idrolatti or floral waters - vegetable oils and moisturizing sweet. The products that come from manufacturing have all proprierà primary high quality to make benefits and revitalizing tonic.
    The company was kind enough to make me choose three products to be tested.
    Here's what I chose:

    Purifying Cleansing Milk - nutritious blossom Lavender (100 ml - € 10.00 - click HERE!
    It is a cleansing milk made from lavender flower water (purifying), apricot kernel oil (moisturizer) and essential oils of geranium pink. And it's suitable for all skin types, it is fluid, not fat, it has to be used with a cotton pad on the entire face and to complete, apply the tonic lotion with lavender or rose.

    Impressions: This cleansing milk is very fluid (with a tendency almost liquid). The lavender scent is lovely and very strong (an explosion of lavender fields!). It removes makeup very well and it does not need a large quantity. Absolutely it does not burn the skin, neither the eyes. It's very delicate and fresh on the skin. Useful packaging in order to avoid product waste. In addition, the packaging is also beautiful to see and you can leave it on your beauty station: the packaging is essential but it is made very girlie by the purple label.

    Rose Lotion for sensitive and dry skin (100 ml - 10.00 - click HERE!)
    It is a tonic to the floral water of lavender and rose, with essential oils of rose, palmarosa, aniba rosy, geranium pink. Effective for sensitive skin and rosacea. And it contains no alcohol, preservatives and colorants.
    Impressions: after the removal of my make-up before the moisturizer, I love to spray a few drops of tonic. This is phenomenal. Fresh, fragrant (but without being aggressive): ideal to spray after the phase ''after make-up removal''. Convenient packaging (although very cute and girlie with the pink label) that allows you to spray the product on the entire face in just few seconds. 

    Rose nourishing cream (40 g - 20.00 - click HERE!) 
    It is a nourishing rose cream for normal to dry skin. Pleasant on the skin and retain moisture.

    Impressions: This rose cream (super fragrant) remains very gentle on the skin without making it greasy. It is a lightweight product but at the same time moisturizing and nourishing. Perfect to combat the redness of cold. The packaging in glass jar is very elegant but at the same time, young.
    I thank the company for their generous collaboration and here is the contacts the brand if you are interested in their products:
    - Sydella Website - click HERE!
    - Facebook page - click HERE!

    28 November 2015
    Hello girls!Today I want to speak about my collaboration with the brand Sydella (website click HERE! - Facebook page - click HERE!).The laboratory Sydella is a craft family business located in the north of the French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils through a specific choice of flowers and vegetable oils. In their natural products they are not used colorants, preservatives, additives, perfumes and alcohol, contain no animal substances nor tested on animals. The cosmetic formulation is based on three broad categories of natural raw materials: essential oils aromas incomparable - idrolatti or floral waters - vegetable oils and moisturizing sweet. The products that come from manufacturing have all proprierà primary high quality to make benefits and revitalizing tonic.
     The company was kind enough to contact me again for a second collaboration and to make me choose five products to be tested.
    Here's what I've chosen:
    Clay purifying mask, lavender and palmarosa ( 15.00 - 40 ml - CLICK HERE!)

    It is a purifying clay mask, lavender and palmarosa. I thought that clay tends to dry the skin but, due to the combination of vegetable oils as well as essential oils of lavender and palmarosa, there are no problems of hydration for the skin. It's excellent for all types of skin that wants to be purified and moisturized for a moment of SPA at home.
    Gel cleansing and purifying facial (€ 10.00 - 200 ml - CLICK HERE!)

    It is a facial cleanser with floral water of lavender and lime: perfect to end the daily cleaning of the face. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of floral waters, it is perfect to use during the winter season when the skin tends to redden easily. Once applied and massaged on the face, it is recommended to rinse with fresh water or warm, depending on the case. The fragrance is very delicate and pleasant on the skin, not aggressive.
    Massage gel for light legs ( 12.00 - 100 ml - CLICK HERE!)

    It is a cream to be massaged on the legs when you feel them heavy and tired. Thanks to the essential oils of cypress and peppermint, and the addition of sweet clover floral water for effective circulation of capillaries, your legs will feel light, active and rested. Moreover, thanks to the formula fluid and non-greasy, it will only need a few seconds to massage the cream from the bottom to the top and to absorb in on the affected areas. The fragrance is fresh and it is ideal to liven up your tired legs, both during the winter and during the summer.
    Shower gel exotic ylang ylang and vetiver ( 8.00 to 200 ml - CLICK HERE!)
    It is a shower gel to enjoy a cuddle with pleasure after a long day out and about. Thanks to the essential oils of Vetiver and Ylang Ylang, it is like being in an exotic rainforest. The fragrance is fresh and very persistent and it contains no preservatives, dyes, perfumes.
    Harmonie (€ 10.00 - 30 ml - CLICK HERE!)

    It is a mixture of essential oils to feel always in harmony that contains, within it, the following ingredients: cloves, nutmeg, orange, cedar, ylang ylang, sandalwood and nard. The composition of this and all essential oils sold by Sydella are 100% pure. The fragrance is very intense and the combination, perfect for the winter season, is well balanced. You have just to put a few drops in your diffuser and the fragrance will spread throughout the environment in just few minutes.

    I thank the company for this generous collaboration and I am going to leave you the contacts of the brand if you want to see all of their products:
    - SydellaWebsite CLICK HERE!
    - Facebook page - CLICK HERE!

    Martina Strazzeri



    December 7 2015

    Foto di Chiara R.

    Each Autumn - Winter cuddly my skin of the face and the neck with the rose oil, this year I decided to trust in Sydella Laboratoire and its Rose oil Nutritive.
    The Rose Oil Nutritive is a 100% natural oil comprising:
    Apricot kernel oil, maceration of rose oil, yohimbine, Rosa muscheta, Extra-virgin olive oil, OE pink Geranium, Palmarosa OE, OE Bois de Ho, OE Damask Rose, Rosemary extract
    Rose oil is an oil rich in beneficial properties:

    • It has an anti-aging effect, as rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid, vitamin A and lycopene, helping to reduce wrinkles;
    • attenuates sunspots or age spots;
    • recommended for dry skin, sensitive, wasted;
    • indicated for the regeneration of hair when treated, dried, devoid of fullness;
    • is used for the treatment of stretch marks (attenuates the recent ones of pink color) and of scars (the smooths);
    • It is also used for the treatment of skin blemishes such as acne, rosacea and psoriasis;
    • deeply moisturizes, regenerates, soothes irritation and heals;
    • It gives elasticity, firmness, helps skin cells to preserve the essential ingredients for the skin tone.
    After the skin care routine evening, I use the Rose Oil Nutritive as serum / oil night, massaging a few drops on damp skin of the face and neck. Within a few minutes, the oil is absorbed by the skin, skin that is not sticky but bright.
    With the arrival of the cold, this is a real treat for my skin after a few weeks my skin was more luminous, compact, moisturized, sunspots were eased as well as the redness from cold.

    Rose oil is for me a certainty that is renewed every year, the only face product that I'm hooked, thanks to its positive effects year after year I have encountered.

    Chiara R. 

    Le Recensioni di Antonella

    mercoledì 30 dicembre 2015

    Sydella Laboratoire

    Hello everyone! It's time to attend to the face with Sydella's products !
    Sydella is a company that trades cosmetics, essential oils and other products; its headquarters is in France but distributes its products throughout Europe.
    Taking a look at their products intrigued me three of these in particular:

    Green clay mask, with vegetable oils and essential oils of lavender and palmarosa.
    It is soft, not dry the skin, it does not drip, is suitable for all skin types for its purifying and moisturizing effects. A real and effective facial cleansing.
    In the scent of purifying mask you can sense immediately as main ingredient, but the smell is not the strong point of this product, it is instead its effectiveness, in fact, applying it on your face for ten minute free it from impurities not making it dry, this is a quality very important for such a product.
     Generally it surprised me, the appearance often deceiving, this product is great and I recommend it!
    Rating: 9 1/2

     Nourishing cream for normal or dry skin. The whole treatment is pleasant to use and provides a real hydration, is also healing of rosacea, acute redness of the skin. Among the ingredients we are: muscheta rose essential oil, apricot kernel oil (which contains Vitamin E and Vitamin B) and jojoba oil. 
    This cream is the best among the three products, I found it very gentle on my skin, which thanks to this product is much more nourished.

    Finally, I want to remember that this cream is certified by VeganOk!
    Rating: 10

    It is a nourishing care to be applied in the evening on the face, neck, mouth and eye contour. Suitable for normal or dry skin.
     Its main ingredients are rose petals in apricot kernel oil, olive oil extra virgin and yohimbine oil. Associated with a cream or facial care, leave the skin soft, and scented. Oil is very nutritious, anti-aging and is also healing of rosacea. About the use I apply it every morning and every evening, a few drops on face, massage and let the skin absorb and nourish cells.
     I think it is excellent, the fragrance is intense and remains on your face during the whole day making your skin silky and fragrant!
    Rating: 9 1/2

    I thank Sydella Laboratoire for choosing me to test these beautiful products with good quality ingredients, I invite you to visit their Website or their Facebook Page to find out more about their products!



    BIO emotions

    Rose Facial Lotion: sweet lotion with floral waters of lavender (purifying, soothing), meliloto (protective of the circulation of the capillary, anti-couperose), rose (anti-couperose, keynote and hardening), and essential oil of palmarosa; it's perfect for sensitive skins, delicate and tendency to the couperose. It doesn't contain alcohol, preservative, neither assistant dyes. I use the rose facial lotion in the morning and in the evening, after the abstersion of the face, sprinkling it on a cotton diskette; it gives in the immediate freshness and hydration to the skin, the perfume is fantastic, a fusion of rose essences and lavender from the relaxing effect. The cost is of 10 euro for 100 mls of product, the pao it's of 18 months.

    Purifying face cream lavender: with floral waters of camomile, hybrid lavender, essential oils of lavender, palmarosa and petit grain. This cream is superlative for the care of the mixed skins and with problems of acne.
    I apply the cream morning and evening (after having cleansed the face and used the rose facial lotion); I premise that for a long time my preferred perfume is the lavender, I adore this cream! The intense perfume given by the essential oils has a beneficent effect relaxing aroma therapy; the cream hydrated the skin, it makes more compact and it's a good base for the makeup.
    The consistence is enough liquid; the cream results easy to stretch and from the rapid absorption.The pot in glass contains 50 mls of product, the cost is of 15 euro and the pao is of 12 months.
    After epilation gel: to base of essential oils of the lavender (cicatrizant, soothing, purifying and antiseptic) and camomile, calms the blush of the depilation and prolongs the effect of it delaying the growth of the hair.
    I have immediately applied the product after the depilation (shoe polish); it's very effective because has made to disappear after few minutes  the blushes that I had on the skin and it has eliminated every residual of wax; left to me a pleasant feeling of freshness on the skin.The perfume is to the lavender, fresh and delicate. They advise to also use it for the three  days post the depilation to delay the regrowth of the hair.

    The consistence is enough liquid and results very easy to stretch. It is available in the formats 100 and 200 mls to the cost of 12 or 20 euro; the pao is of 24 months.



    Bio-Logicamente Logicamente-Bio!


    The floral waters of chamomile, lavender hybrid, and essential oils of lavender, palmarosa and petit grain. This cream is superb for the care of combination skin with acne problems.
    Pack of 50 ml Price € 15, certified Vegan OK.

    I started using this cream as soon as I was delivered by courier! The fragrance is very particular, very perceives lavender. I think some may consider this perfume as too strong, but goes entirely as soon as it is spread on the face. The texture is delicate, is a very light cream, which absorbs quickly and it have a mat effect on the T area. It absorbs excess sebum, wipes the face and makes the complexion uniform from the point of view. I found that really reduces blemishes and enlarged pores. I'm liking a lot.
    I use this cream at morning , such as makeup foundation is perfect! I was really impressed! I gave a little cream a my friend: she promotes with honors this product!



    Bio Emotions

    Hi, with satisfaction I talk you of the new collaboration to Sydella laboratoire en Provence, situated handicraft laboratory in the north of the Provenza Francese; with a lot of pleasure some natural cosmetic and oils I have made a will.
    Here are the perfumed products that I have received

          Oil for the bust and for the breast
    A mixture of essential oils from the moisturizing, astringent and hardening, suitable for the massage of bust, breast, legs and arms.
    It's an oil from the delicious and persistent perfume of citrus (I feel for different times after the application); from the beautiful yellow color, pleasant consistence to massage and of express absorption. I apply the oil after having taken the shower with slow and circular movements; the skin results, perfumed and very tonic already from the first applications. The cost for 50 mls is 12 Euro, for 100 mls it is of 20 Euro, pao 24 months.

    Purifying cleansing milk - nourishing
    It's a milk base detergent of floral water of lavender (purifying), oil of core of apricots (moisturizing), and you oil essential of rosy geranium.
    The consistence is very fluid, it has very well a pleasant perfume to the lavender and removes makeup but in delicate way. It is a cosmetic for all the types of skin; I have mixed skin and I have been very well! I've used the cleansing milk pouring some of it on a cotton diskette. After the use the skin perfectly results clean and keynote, I have not heard the necessity to rinse the face as I usually do after being me removes makeup with other products, I have applied only the purifying lotion to the lavender.
    The cost is 10 Euro for 100 mls and 14 Euro for 200 mls, pao 12 months.                        
              Oil for the line
    I have used this oil to practise draining massages to the legs; it's effectiveness is guaranteed thanks to the mixture of essential oils and floral water of cedar. Later around two weeks of use I have noticed an improvement of the inestetismis of the cellulitis located on the sides and bottom the gluteis; you give first days instead the skin it appears more compact. It has a good citrus perfume and the ideal consistence to practise the massages. It is a good help to reduce adipose zones and cellulitis, naturally the best results are gotten combining this treatment to a balanced diet and practising physical activity. Being a draining oil, I have drunk a beautiful glass of water before the application, so that to favor the elimination of the toxins.The cost for 50 mls of product is of 12 Euro, for 100 mls it is of 20 Euro, the pao it's 24 months.

       Lotion purifying face
    How much I like this lotion!!! I use her as tonic for the face, morning and evening after the abstersion and the remove makeup, vaporizing it on a cotton diskette; leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness and clean, it is a delicate lotion that doesn't absolutely dry the skin, besides it has a pleasant and relaxing perfume given by the floral waters of lavender, mint, savory and essential oil of bitter melangolo. And suitable particularly for mixed or fat skins.
    The cost is of 10 Euro for 100 mls of product, the pao it is of 18 months.

    Oil of macadamia bio
    An oil from the characteristic perfume to the hazelnut, coming from Madagascar. Extracted by the walnut of macadamia, it constitutes a good source of vitamin E. You can used in varied ways, I have for instance loved his employment on the hair, applying it on the points first drying: hair is very soft and shining results! Besides is particularly suitable for the skins mixed; I have massaged the pure oil on face, neck and décolleté, and I have appreciated a lot the moisturizing effect, velvety skin and pleasantly perfumed! Another benefit of the oil of macadamia is the prevention against solar scorching, thanks to its moisturizing effect. The cost of 50 mls of product is of 12,00 Euro, of 100 mls it is of 20 Euro, the pao it's 12 months.


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