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Very delicate products with essential oils to wash without damaging the skin
After Shave Lotion    This lavender floral water is soothing, purifying, antiseptic, healing, disinfectant, and allows to find a soft after use of the razor.  Does not contain alcohol or preservatives added.
10,00 €
CLEANSING FACIAL MILK    The cleansing milk is made with lavender floral water (purifying), apricot kernel vegetal oil (moisturizer), and essential oils of geranium pink.   
8,00 €
Eyes refreshing water     Floral water of cornflower and melilot, has an amazing effect. The cornflower, known for its anti-inflammatory eye level, is here associated with the sweet clover, which is calming and active on the circulation of the blood capillaries.
8,00 €
Gel cleansing and purifying facial    A facial cleanser with floral water of lavender and lime: perfect to end the daily cleaning of the face.
7,00 €
Hairs oilThe hairs oil is vegetable oil, macadamia and essential oils of rosemary and ylang-ylang. Nourishes and invigorates the hair growth stimulando and blocking the fall. Not fat, wecan use a few drops on dry or wet hair.
15,00 €
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