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essential oils and natural products

Sydella Laboratoire

Pure essential oils and natural products

Love for the skin, for the body, for the environement


The SYDELLA Laboratory is a craftsman company located in the North of French Provence, characterized by the production of pure essential oils chosen through a selected choice of flowers and vegetable oils. In our natural products we don't use alcohol, perfume, coloring agents, no preservatives added, no animal substances, not tested on the animals. The cosmetic formulation is based on the utilization of three big classes of first natural materials: essential oils – flowers water – and very sweet and nourishing vegetables oils. All our products have high quality primary properties to offer tonic benefits to recover the radiance of a young and satiny skin.

For information, given the high cost of raw materials, and their freshness, we don't have samples of products and oils. Thank you

Sydella Laboratoire - Les Prieisses -  04150 Revest Des Brousses (Provence)  FR